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devices in alton, illinois said to be the most haunted town in america. mineral springs mall is where, for 5 dollars, youll confront the terrible implements of torture. and the unspeakable! down below an abandoned pool where ghost chasers swear they play marbles with the spirit of a drowned child. shell keep em up there for a little. we tell her to bring'em back and she'll bringem back. its a pop culture bonanza near rockford, illinois. a huge assortment of hollywood collectibles like the clothes worn by comedian redd foxx. costumes from gone with the wind, and marilyn monroe belongings with the top of a famous presidential birthday cake pictured here moments before marilyn sang to jfk. happy birthday mr. president happy birthday to you. but the biggest draw at historic auto attractions is a fleet of infamous motor vehicles like adolf hitlers staff car. theres the armored packard belonging to russian dictator joseph stalin, and gangster john dillingers getaway car. then theres the ambulance that rushed the mortally wounded lee harvey oswald to a dallas hospital after getting shot by j
. eight regional takes on america's favorite sausage offered cheese sauce & jalapenos, and pineapple & chili as some of the alternatives to a traditional chicago style dog. once you were stuffed, there was live music, kid's activities, and a lecture on hot dog culture in america. >> that is the news for this sunday night... instant replay is coming up next... break welcome to instant replay... i'm rich king.... and we begin with the bears who were back at work in bourbonaisse... the game tapes fully reviewed from fridays loss to the panthers. the result not surprising....jmarcus webb will be working with the second string this week. 5th round draft pick jordan mills will take over at right tackle and first round pick kyle long will move in at right guard. webb has struggled his entire time here in chicago... on the first two plays from scrimmage when camp started in bourbonaisse jay cutler would have been killed if it had been a real game... webb was a sieve.. mills is 5th rounder from lousiana tech... he will be given a great shot to show what he can do.. long worked some time at ri
was a guest tonight on the good morning america sure.how. >> she rushed into the store where she met betty burke. she offered to what the girl home. outside of the store gabor confronted the man and took down his license number as he drove away. her zero children were not really shocked that her action.at her actions but it >> he could have shot me but he is not getting using the license plate number police track down and arrested. charged with felony child deduction and is being held. >> the three winning tickets are being sold in minnesota live with the details been folks are buzzing year in the northern suburbs as well as the communities. a lot of excitement about the winner here. the lucky winner right here and around the lake. through five of the six members. he or she will soon be collecting a check for $1 million. fo often i >> lucky winners. everybody is trying to figure about timely but harmony that. folks in generally excited that somebody in this community $1 million in these tough economic times. >> to million dollars is pretty good. a nationwide manhunt continued for the man a
, there's only one mr. months of mystery and intrigue surrounding a new ride at six flags great america are almost over. the gurnee theme park has been dropping hints, saying they'll be making the biggest attraction announcement in the park's history. our marcus leshock got a sneak peek at the big reveal. it began with a simple song. a short video on the youtube channel asking fans to follow the turning to the next big attraction. irony in and talking about a blueprint or something. they told followers to follow the clues. a bride a show or eight roller- coaster? people were blowing up with comments, what that 53 pages with. others went to youtube. that's the eyes and face and the act of a person. but the biggest and cape from the government. the village zoning board posting a beating agenda on there website saying that great america bushel up to ask permission to build a new roller-coaster that is 165 ft. tall. that brought about a dozen roller-coaster and busiest to the zoning meeting hoping for more details about what the new roller-coaster route would be like. got to see where it wo
that warming in the arctic regions of north america. even though the north pole itself has been running chilly, the warming in north america has buckled the jet stream and kept the summer cool in the midwest. clouds dominate the day with some filters on at times with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. high of 81. winds will be variable coming in of the late. a light breeze on the shoreline. partly cloudy today, perhaps it _ and breezy and cooler and less humid later. winds shift north and debitors go down to 63. tomorrow is mostly sunny, breezy and cooler. lows at a news at the beaches and wednesday partly sunny, comfortably cool. should be about 75 on wednesday with a northeast wind blowing at that time. a little cooler canadian air once again. >> that has been the story all summer. i think it will get warmer, though you've been saying that. i will believe you >> you wait and see >> time for the trivia. in this day in 1898 u.s. and at the island territory of hawaii. on which island would you find the grand canyon of the pacific? the answer canyon of the pacific? the a
. the next time you go to the bank you might have to park the car and walked in. bank of america says they are ending teller service in some locations. the reason, apparently too few people are using those convenient drive up planes. >> we have all heard the saying. the stars trying to shed that the elite image. the wall street journal says they will start offering lower- priced items. they're also using facebook and twitter to promote flash sales. >> you've heard that expression not in my backyard. some condo owners are angry about what they see in front of their homes. >> they're morthan asking a jude to have the station removed. >> to walk out and have it be so intimately close to our front door is not acceptable. >> an alderman says many people in his war do not own cars and can get good use out of the black sharing program. he will be happy to have a station in front of his own home. >> find a week's pay for >> some breaking news to tell you about. a grand jury has indicted nine in patriots wide receiver in the death of his friend odin lloyd. we'll have more information >> bears
coastline. never have they had so many 80 degree days and weather records america back to 1906. warm up later in the weekend and then cool off tuesday and wednesday next week as this recurrent cool air pattern continues. this pattern may be starting to break down and there may be more sustained warmth. look at the cooler less humid air with dew points down from 70 to around 50 today. this month is one degree below normal and it made for some money saving whether around here. less air-conditioning. temperatures tonight in the '60s and down from what they were last night. winds from the northeast but with lower velocity and so we do not have the rep current advisories on the lakefront. it was pretty choppy there. tonight cooler and mid '50s in the coolest outlying areas. tomorrow part cloudy. an isolated light showers in the afternoon which 10 or 20 percent of the every will see. low humidity and excellent visibility. low '60's at the lakefront. mostly sunny and comfortable to open the weekend. low and mid-70s at the beach. it gets up to the low 80 sunday and then cooler weather comes in
unstopables. try with downy infusions. i am very excited, because tonight we're doing "america's funniest videos" like it's never been done before. humans take a backseat in our "all-animal extravaganza." and if you don't believe me, would this face lie to you? [ purring ] psst, psst, psst, psst, psst, psst, psst, psst. [ purring continues ] it's "america's funniest home videos all-animal extravaganza."
after she disappeared her story was featured on america's most wanted. a month later police found her body. today police arrested the 38 year-old in connection with the death. they say the investigation is ongoing. 21 year- old there is oliver passed away early this morning and illinois medical center. there were shot and a bus stop. in other ventures are not life- threatening. nobody is in police custody. police are helping newly released photos leave them to a vehicle that hit and killed an elderly man. >> was later pronounced dead at hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. loans are still raw over the 49 buildings that will remain closed. reports on the threat of a the boycott. >> a single weekend stan between students and the first day of school. >> the transition team task of making sure that first day goes smoothly. optimistic about monday morning. we are excited about this. the teachers are amazing. the principles are missing. we're giving them the resources they need. >> leaders sat down of chicago police. the city buildings apartment among others to talk ab
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in illinois and across the midwest the water flows to the same place, americas greatest river. six river miles north of the arch, were off the grid. removed from the stress of modern life as you fall under the sway of the mississippi. youre starting to quiet down. you're away from the hustle and bustle of the world. and the movement of the river and all that really does settle you down. professional river guide, michael clark, leads the camping expedition. with the setting sun after a hard day of paddling we reach our first destination an uninhabited sand bar known as mosenthein island. hiking into the forest we search for dry ground. heavy rains and the swelling river make it a challenge. but no worries if youre new to this because clark and the 'big muddy adventures' team knows where to go. theres really not a lot of
day sentencing hearing in november. he used to be one of the most wanted men in america. he was a fugitive for 16 years until authorities finally tracked down in california in 2011. his lawyer is vowing to appeal the convictions, the biological father of a native american tribe was arrested last night after ignoring a court order to return the girl to her adoptive parents. the highly publicized custody battle began in 2009. baby veronica was given up for adoption by her biological mother. shortly after the baby was born her biological father regained custody under the indian child welfare act in june the supreme court ruled in favor of the adoptive parents. the father refuses to give the girl back to them. he was arrested last night near his home in oklahoma but he posted bond and no one is quite sure where he and his daughter are today. >> tom has your forecast right after the break. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i
-- the premiere of "america's funniest home videos." tonight we'll show you our very funniest clips as we celebrate our 300th episode. casey. look, mom -- no teeth! did you catch that?
offices, and the airport. u.s. drone strikes also killed seven suspected al-qaeda militants today. america's relationship with russia is getting even more strained. president obama will skip a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin next month. "there was unanimous support for the decision not to, within the national security council, not to hold the summit." mister obama will attend the g- 20 summit hosted by putin in saint petersburg, but they won't go one-on-one. the u.s. is angry that russia gave asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. the white house is also frustrated over stalled agreements on missile defense, trade, and human rights. former president george w. bush is home today following a heart procedure to fix a blocked artery. the 67-year-old received a stent to alleviate the clogged artery on tuesday. the blockage was found during bush's annual physical examination at the cooper clinic in dallas on monday. bush's office announced the procedure was performed successfully without complications. he is said to be in high spirits and is eager to return to his normal sche
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14